catching up on some favorite June/July pics

Keeping this website up to date is hard work!  Mom & Dad have work schedules that span 15 hours of each day; add 1 mobile, vocal toddler and 2 dogs in and you have one packed day.   Hollis has become a binkie-less girl nowadays – with very little fuss.  1 “Bye Bye Binkie” Sesame Street episode and a little sweet talk from the ‘rents and voila.  This newfound mouth freedom is directly responsible for an uptick in vocal progression.  Flowing words together like she was in the Wu-Tang Clan, y’all!  Well, ok, “Mommy shoes” and “more cheese” are probably not in their lyrical repertoire, but they are in Hollis’!

One thought on “catching up on some favorite June/July pics

  1. I know it’s hard work!!!!! I know that your days are long and jam packed!!!……………..but it is such a delight to see each of you doing what you do. Almost as good as being there with you. When you think no one in looking at it, call me and I will give you proof positive that in fact, it makes this grandmom deliciously happy!

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