ei8ht months!

Eight months of Hollis Caroline.  She wears robots and Hammer pants & brings herself to a standing position using anything in sight: the orange chair, mom & dad’s bed, the shower door, dad’s desk chair, even Otto Von Bismarck.  The happiest moments of her day are when she brings herself to a stand, and then looks over at you to make sure you’ve noticed what she’s done.

  • height: 28 3/4″  – 95%
  • weight: 20 lb 12 oz – 90%

First Father’s Day Weekend Ever

Who can contain this much cause for celebration in just one day? Hollis and her Dad commemorated their first Father’s Day weekend with even more food than usual. Interestingly, both celebrated with bananas – Hollis takes hers mashed up and straight from a squeezey tube, while her dad takes his via cream pie dessert from Philippe’s! Extra-special Father’s Day breakfast meal of “lazy oven French toast” w/ warm raisins, grapes & strawberries lovingly prepared by Emily Dawson.