Earthquake Kit

Daycare begins!  The required items in Hollis’ daycare preparedness pack include extra food, a flashlight*, a picture of the 3 of us, plus a letter from mommy & daddy to be read to her in case of earthquake.  Of all 8,453,769,415 pictures taken since Hollis’ birth, there are very few that include ALL THREE of us.  Luckily, Hollis’ dad is a nerd who possesses a tripod for his phone and a programmable countdown timer app.  And Hollis’ mom possesses a natural ability to write a sweet, comforting letter.
Earthquake Letter To Hollis


*it was extremely difficult to NOT send Hollis to daycare with a 100+ lumen, stocastic reflector, lithium-powered, fire & rescue-quality flashlight.  But upon further review, it would’ve probably been overkill.  Hollis, I promise that one day soon, you will have the bestest, most powerful flashlight in all the land!