:01 – :20 – general adorableness
:21 – :45 – Hollis the tumblr
:46 – 1:00 – Hollis the cruiser
1:00 – 1:10 – are you kidding me?! Is that a first step actually captured on camera??
1:11 – 1:45 – Daddy’s CDs are delicious / no no no game

Day 1 at home: dogs get curious

Upon reflection on all the media captured in the first few hours and days of Hollis Caroline Hughen, this video documents a moment better perhaps than anything else has.  Dad is exhausted, Hollis rocks the mamaroo, Otto is nonplussed but sweet, and Elsie is driven my her mama-pug instincts to get a closer look…

In the years to come, this video will likely bring back the profound feeling of accomplishment I had at having secured everyone back from the hospital healthy and happy.