Dancing Flower

Just a quiet weekend night at home for Hollis Caroline with a bit of singing and dancing around.  Now, this is just a tad more volume than usual, due to a recent fruit smoothie intake (natural) sugar rush.  Can’t wait to see how *real* cake-and-candy sugars effect young HC!

ps. Judge not my helicopter parenting mode when HC pulls herself up onto the coffee table.  I imagine most parents would’ve taken her off the table to begin with, but at that moment, she appeared to be experiencing too much joy to get in the way of.  I suppose this will make a good analogy throughout Hollis’ life and I look forward to finding the right balance of helicopter v free range parenting ;-]

Hollis Sleep Dance

If you can read this, your parents likely didn’t have a video monitor aimed at you while you slept. Too bad for you. These things are as indispensable as microwave ovens or in-dash navigation.
If Hollis’ mom & dad hear a cry, our first reaction is *not* to run to the baby’s room, but instead the immediate behavior is now to pick up the nearest phone or tablet and fire up the Dropcam app to look in on our little non-sleeper.
The electric eye lets us know if it’s a simple binkie loss that might correct itself, or a larger issue. 99% of the time it’s binkie-related. Occasionally, we see Hollis enjoying her crib time to herself, maybe singing or playing with Mr. Monkey.
This clip captured a very elaborate sleep-dance in the middle of one recent night.

0:08 the first stirrings
0:18 I’m up / I’m down
0:29 butt circles
0:44 butt circles part deux
1:09 – I’m up again, no wait, I’m really down this time
1:49 – I’m up again and can I tell you how much I love this monkey?!
2:35 – bright eyes, mugging for the camera
3:00 – I’m up, might be for good this time
3:10 “down goes Frazier – down goes Frazier”!
3:11 (one second later) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz