3 generations of 2 families enjoyed each others company this (post) Christmas season. And Hollis is now a member of the frequent flyer program! The girls enjoyed a trip to Toledo-by-way-of-Detroit before jet setting down to balmy Florida for some Disney-fied action with Dad, Uncle Matto, Mary, Gram & Pop. Too many good photos to try and arrange in storyboard order, so instead, here is one giant batch of random 2016 Winter vacation photos for your viewing enjoyment.

sk8ter girl

HCH hits the rink for an afternoon of ice skating with mom, dad, and a very helpful blue dolphin. Dad could not have been more excited and proud to lace up Hollis’ skates! All those years Dad spent as a backwards skating hockey defenceman finally paid off into videographer skills to capture the girls on ice.

The Blue Bus

Walk 2 blocks with 40 lbs of toddler on your shoulders – spot a blue bus – commence selfie spate involving one arm away from body & (only) one hand on happily squealing but squirmy precious cargo (and I’m not talking about the Nexus 6) – degree of difficulty = 8.7.