ei8ht months!

Eight months of Hollis Caroline.  She wears robots and Hammer pants & brings herself to a standing position using anything in sight: the orange chair, mom & dad’s bed, the shower door, dad’s desk chair, even Otto Von Bismarck.  The happiest moments of her day are when she brings herself to a stand, and then looks over at you to make sure you’ve noticed what she’s done.

  • height: 28 3/4″  – 95%
  • weight: 20 lb 12 oz – 90%

5 month check up

Hollis had her 5 month check up and is staying steady at 26″ in height (90 %) 16 lbs, 15 oz (85%). Her doc was impressed at her ability to sit up (a 6 month skill) and her sense of balance (visions of an Olympic volleyball player danced in my head).

Dr. Reiner loves Hollis because she is usually all smiles and has good disposition – even while getting two uncomfortable vaccination injections.

Hollis was so impressed with her own performance at the doc’s office, she threw her shades on and asked me to get in touch with her agent when we have additional opportunities for her to consider.