2 Rare Bird Sightings in the Sprouts Parking Lot

#1 – the rare “Arched-Back Warbling Toddler”.  A migratory, seasonal bird who appears close to nap time or when the mother bird’s raisin & juice supply runs out.

#2 – The “Crested Blue Green-Belly Beetle”.  Long since thought extinct, this rare-colored Beetle once roamed freely through the streets of Reston, Virginia.  Scientists had located it’s cousin of the bluer variety, but this is indeed a treat to have a sighting of the green specimen.  This pic does little to settle the long-running feud between the 2 theories as to which variety originated from the Old Trail Drive location.

2 thoughts on “2 Rare Bird Sightings in the Sprouts Parking Lot

  1. With regard to the “feud”, the King and Queen (you know who they are) note that long ago color blind Germans gave the color name of our purchase “Bahama Blue”. However, it is, by (Hughen) royal proclamation, along with the vote of Chief Family Artist, Emily Dawson, a GREEN and much loved bug!

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