Dancing Flower

Just a quiet weekend night at home for Hollis Caroline with a bit of singing and dancing around.  Now, this is just a tad more volume than usual, due to a recent fruit smoothie intake (natural) sugar rush.  Can’t wait to see how *real* cake-and-candy sugars effect young HC!

ps. Judge not my helicopter parenting mode when HC pulls herself up onto the coffee table.  I imagine most parents would’ve taken her off the table to begin with, but at that moment, she appeared to be experiencing too much joy to get in the way of.  I suppose this will make a good analogy throughout Hollis’ life and I look forward to finding the right balance of helicopter v free range parenting ;-]

One thought on “Dancing Flower

  1. To paraphrase Chris Rock circa late 90’s, When a man becomes the father of a girl, he has one job and one job only, to keep her off the… table.

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