Our little flower likes to brush her own teeths now, thankyouverymuch. My favorite part is when she makes the spit noise into the sink with an empty mouth, in a clear attempt to mimic daddy’s patented “p-tooey” of morning mouthwash.  Ah, the mimic phase, she has begun!   We must officially now watch our language.

catching up on some favorite June/July pics

Keeping this website up to date is hard work!  Mom & Dad have work schedules that span 15 hours of each day; add 1 mobile, vocal toddler and 2 dogs in and you have one packed day.   Hollis has become a binkie-less girl nowadays – with very little fuss.  1 “Bye Bye Binkie” Sesame Street episode and a little sweet talk from the ‘rents and voila.  This newfound mouth freedom is directly responsible for an uptick in vocal progression.  Flowing words together like she was in the Wu-Tang Clan, y’all!  Well, ok, “Mommy shoes” and “more cheese” are probably not in their lyrical repertoire, but they are in Hollis’!