Jingle Jacque

I double dog dare you not to find this song off the charts for adorableness.  A mashup of Jingle Bells and Frère Jacque sung seemingly out of the blue by one Hollis Caroline Hughen.  And just what location in the world does that “Jingle Bay-yells” accent come from??

If you are what you eat, Hollis Caroline is an organic blueberry

This grocery list pretty much covers 98% of what HCH eats nowadays (minus the salted chocolate bar – that was a Mommy treat!)

Please note that the word “organic” appears 6 times and applies to 10 food items.  Hollis, this is due to the good influence of your mother, and requires your father to rewire his sugar-addled brain so that you are fueled up with healthier food than I.  One day, we’ll share a can of “Pringles Potato-like Food Approximations” and have a good laugh.

Grocery list October 2014



Our little flower likes to brush her own teeths now, thankyouverymuch. My favorite part is when she makes the spit noise into the sink with an empty mouth, in a clear attempt to mimic daddy’s patented “p-tooey” of morning mouthwash.  Ah, the mimic phase, she has begun!   We must officially now watch our language.