2 Rare Bird Sightings in the Sprouts Parking Lot

#1 – the rare “Arched-Back Warbling Toddler”.  A migratory, seasonal bird who appears close to nap time or when the mother bird’s raisin & juice supply runs out.

#2 - The “Crested Blue Green-Belly Beetle”.  Long since thought extinct, this rare-colored Beetle once roamed freely through the streets of Reston, Virginia.  Scientists had located it’s cousin of the bluer variety, but this is indeed a treat to have a sighting of the green specimen.  This pic does little to settle the long-running feud between the 2 theories as to which variety originated from the Old Trail Drive location.

Letter to Hollis from Gram

Dear Hollis,
Here is an idea that might be part of your future planning!  There will be lots of things 18 years from now that will be different from today, some good, some not so good.  This sounds exciting in 2014 as a way to see (part of) the world and learn, first hand, how other people live and work.
New York Times: Go West, Young People! And East!
May your life be filled with opportunity and adventure (and your good sense to make wise choices regarding both)!
PS: Dear One: I write this on the morning that a 4.6 earthquake woke you up!  May all your earthquakes be small ones!

Dancing Flower

Just a quiet weekend night at home for Hollis Caroline with a bit of singing and dancing around.  Now, this is just a tad more volume than usual, due to a recent fruit smoothie intake (natural) sugar rush.  Can’t wait to see how *real* cake-and-candy sugars effect young HC!

ps. Judge not my helicopter parenting mode when HC pulls herself up onto the coffee table.  I imagine most parents would’ve taken her off the table to begin with, but at that moment, she appeared to be experiencing too much joy to get in the way of.  I suppose this will make a good analogy throughout Hollis’ life and I look forward to finding the right balance of helicopter v free range parenting ;-]